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Virtual money and its derivatives are used more and more today: PayPal, payments with mobile applications … And one of the things we can do comfortably and safely is to buy homes with bitcoins, just as other so many things today.

What are bitcoins?

You may wonder what are bitcoin. This word makes reference only to a new type of currency, a virtual one that can not be managed or controlled by banks or governments. Its value, like that of the dollar, is variable, being able to fluctuate on a daily basis and bordering on quantities that, a priori, can be unlikely. In fact, to date (November 2017), bitcoin has a value of about $ 4000.

In this way you can make virtual purchases, which means that, much further than you would expect. We can from order a pizza to buy a house with it. To do this, you just have to dive into this universe and buy some or get someone to pay for a product with this currency.

In Spain, more and more people are betting on this type of currency. In Madrid for example, there are already several shops that allow you to pay with it.

Homes and bitcoins, is it a good idea?

Although it is clear that this is a new and absolutely minority payment system, interest in this type of transaction is increasingly common in all sectors, including real estate.

Thus, although it is not easy to find in the newspapers many cases of buying and selling properties made with bitcoins, there are. It is just an option like so many when making a payment, with a currency that, although virtual, has its value (and very high, for now) and that will serve the seller to make any other transaction on the internet. In fact, and as we have said, the first thing that was bought with this coin in 2009 was a pizza.

It is worth mentioning that there are countries in which transactions with this currency between companies have been disallowed. Some are Russia, Thailand or China. However, in Spain, at the moment, there is total freedom to do so.

Thus, from our point of view, it is best to take advantage of the opportunity and carry out the transaction with a real estate agency. In addition to the many advantages of enjoying the process in bitcoins, we must add the security that gives the simple fact that it is a real estate, familiar with the subject, which is responsible for doing everything.

buying properties with bitcoins is also possible.

Advantages of buying homes with bitcoins

Let’s see what the transaction will bring us by making use of the new electronic currency.

  • Its block chain structure prevents counterfeiting or duplication, making it impossible to receive false coins.
  • In the same way, the buyer will receive the total amount, without the transactions can be modified or fall into fraud of any kind.
  • The transaction is irreversible; Nobody can back out and get their money back.
  • All amounts transferred are exclusively owned by the owner; without banks, governments or other authorities can intervene in them.
  • You can make international transactions with bitcoins; the market is not limited.
  • The commissions for use are ridiculous, of cents.

Thus, it is clear that, although it is not the usual form of payment, buying homes with bitcoins is feasible, simple and something more and more in demand.

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