Bedroom Decor: How to Settle the Guest Room

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If you are one of the people who are constantly receiving visits from family and friends at home and you feel that they bother you every time they arrive because you do not have enough space for them to feel comfortable, the best thing you can do is to prepare a room for when they come to your home, this way both you and them will be more comfortable during the stay. In today’s post, bedroom decor: how to set up a guest room so your guests do not want to leave.

Winning tips to make your guests feel at home

In addition to maintaining a proper order and cleanliness at home, so that our guests feel comfortable in our home they also should feel that they have their own space. Here are several tips that will help you create a space full of harmony and good vibes for your guests; so you will be the first choice when they need a place to feel at home.

Take care of the tones of the walls

This bedroom has to provide a feeling of tranquility so that those who go to sleep in it can have a good rest during their stay. This is a very important factor if you want them to always come and visit.

When relaxation is concerned, rooms with warm colors like green, yellow or orange, usually gives joy and feelings of peace. Combining white with light blue, purple or gray, an incredible magic arises in any space, especially in a bedroom. Keep in mind these colors that will help you to give life to the room. Remember that the lines and geometric figures are also a style of decoration very in vogue that can be perfect in the guest room.

Take advantage of the spaces

In this room, you can place as many beds as you need, but ideally, your guests should sleep comfortably. Do not locate furniture or tables without functionality; you should give priority to what is strictly necessary. One or two beds, a mirror, a table and a wardrobe, the rest will be part of the decoration. Do not integrate much furniture into this room because you can end up wasting space and creating a feeling of unnecessary stress.

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Choose a minimalist style for your bedroom decor

The decoration for this type of rooms should be as neutral as possible, because whoever stays the night or a weekend can be a very different person than the next one. Choose a minimalist decoration: a vase or a plant, a lamp and a painting. With these simple elements you can create a space with a lot of style.

Create warmth

However, do not forget that that person can feel lonely, missing someone (or just their home), so bringing a dash of warmth will be necessary. For this, and continuing with the decoration, we propose you include soft cushions, curtain rods with a nice design, a comfortable seat…

Give privacy

It is essential that a person who stays in your house feels comfortable. For this, you must give the maximum of privacy possible.

Obviously, the limitations of the house itself will be important but, if possible, try to have the room close to the bathroom (if you do not have it en suite) and choose a room in which your guest does not have to walk the whole house, they  may feel that they are annoying you, that they are being observed, etc.

In addition, allow them some autonomy so that they don’t have to depend on you. Give them the key to the Wi-Fi, place a TV in the room, and prepare something to snack on so they can take to bed or even a tray to prepare a coffee or tea, include a good light source so they can spend time reading or browsing magazines…

Can you think of any more advice to create the perfect guest room? What interior design shops are your favorites for bedroom decor? Tell us about it!

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