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Fincas La Clau, is an enterprise specialized in real estate services in Barcelona since 1982. In our years of existence, we have established ourselves in the real estate market as a highly competitive company within our areas of operation:

Areas of activity of real estate services in Barcelona.

Map of the province of Barcelona.

  • Promotion and construction.
  • Property sales management.
  • Purchase and rental management.
  • Mortgage management.
  • Legal consultancy.
  • Insurance.
  • Rent administration.
  • Community constitution and administration.
  • Exchanges.
  • Grant processing.
Our integral corporate structure allows us to provide all-around quality service throughout every step of a property purchase and sale.

The two main pillars of our management are, on one hand, our highly qualified professional team, and on the other, our Values Policy, aimed at offering you the maximum quality of service.

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