Acoustic pollution at home: forget about your noisy neighbors

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There are times when we fell in love with a property, either because of the appearance of it or because of the area in which it is located. We see ourselves living in it and forging our small family. We put all our efforts to get that dream home and yet, once we get it we are faced with a big problem: acoustic pollution.

This is a problem that we have all suffered in our lifetime: noisy neighbors. Children who run and play nonstop, couples who fight or neighbors who work on weekends without respecting the stipulated sleeping hours.

Acoustic pollution, a very common problem

Buying a flat in Sitges is a very attractive investment, but will all the houses offer the same tranquility? Probably this is not so. Sitges is one of the Spanish areas with more life, more tourism and therefore more noise. The population of Sitges has vertiginous risen due to foreign tourism and has gone from being a quiet area to a lively area.

Although the advantages of buying a newly built home today are many, such as avoiding renovations or preventive maintenance, unfortunately you can find neighbors who make you consider conditioning your home in the best way. For example, you may end up with a neighbor who is noisy, likes DIY and ends up making his hobby your torture. This noise can cloud the happiness of finally seeing us live in the house that we have chosen to settle.

Do not despair, here you will find some tips that can help you in solving these problems that may arise. The main thing is to be able to solve this situation and avoid having to move out.

acoustic pollution problems

How to insulate a house?

Ideally, if you have a very noisy neighbor who does not respect the rest hours of your family, it is that you let him know the problems that his lifestyle causes you and try to reach a friendly agreement before taking any more serious action . If on the contrary the neighbor does not cooperate with your requests, you may have to resort the help within the community of neighbors who live in and in an extreme case request legal help and even denounce the noisy neighbor. However this last measure is not recommended because is very difficult to check, since it may be your word against his.

To avoid these problems, the ideal will be to take measures for the sound insulation of your home, it is true that it is not a cheap thing but you will have the advantage of avoiding these problems.

Depending on the type of item we use to insulate our home the cost will be more or less high. What is certain is what works very well is the double glass in the windows, creating that internal camera that makes the noise not transfer to our home, something so simple can greatly reduce the problems of noise pollution, especially when we encounter houses located in very crowded areas or close to traffic.

If your problem is the neighbors that live in the same building above, a good way to isolate it is to place plasterboards; this is relatively inexpensive and also very easy and quick to place.

If you suffer from this problem and want to insulate your home, you can ask some reform company for advice. They will show you all possible ways to isolate your home from external noises, shuffle budgets adapted to your possibilities, and decide for the best option.

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