9 questions to ask before renting a home

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The housing rentals are becoming increasingly popular among youth because access to a home loan is more difficult today. Wanting to leave the nest makes us often venture out and into any house. However, our advice is to keep in mind these 9 questions that you should ask before renting a home.

What should you ask before renting a home

Before renting a property do not hesitate and ask these 9 questions to your landlord to know if, indeed, the property you are interested in is right for you.

What is included in the rental price?

Many times, after being a few months in your rental apartment, you get the surprise that you have to pay a tax or a fee related to the housing that you had no idea because it turns out that in the contract was established that corresponds to you to pay it.

Do not have a problem and ask what you are paying with your monthly rent and what other expenses you will have to face. The usual thing is that it is the owner who runs the expenses of taxes and others but you should ask and not find yourself surprised by it.

Are the supplies in force?

Ask in whose name is the supplies and if it can be changed. If the supplies are not in force, know that it has a cost to do so. Usually covered by the owner but sometimes this does not happen and you are left to your fate on the flat, having to pay to have access to electricity, water, gas, and so on.

If they in force and it interest you, indicate that you want to change the name. Ask in the companies if in that house the supplies are up to date and if, you live in it, you have to be the one who cope with defaults, etc.

In what concepts can rent increase?

We must know if there is going to be an annual increase in the rental price and based on what. Know that before it was taken into account the CPI but this has no longer anything to do with it and the increases are not determined by this value anymore.

It will be very important that before signing the lease you read it carefully and check if the clauses contained in it are totally legal. Next we share a video in which Eva de Miguel tells us about the illegal clauses that you will want to put in the lease:

How are damages paid?

Usually, the structural damage is paid by the owner and the damage that is caused by the day to day, the tenant. However, this is a generalization so what ultimately matters is what is established by contract. Try to get a beneficial agreement for you because the internal breakdowns are very expensive and their repair lasts for tens of years so you would be paying the landlord a great improvement in his house.

How is the neighborhood?

If you are interested in living in a neighborhood with certain characteristics, it is important to see if the community where the house in question is interests you. You meet with the community president to ask him everything you can think of, take a walk in the neighborhood to see how the neighbor’s relationship is, etc.

Can I live renting with pets?

Many people do not accept pets in their home because of the damage they can cause, smell, conflicts with neighbors, etc. If you have a pet it is very important that you remember to ask this.

Is it possible to change the furniture?

You should know if you are going to have to sign an inventory of furniture, if you can make any changes, if you must keep the old furniture and replace them before leaving the house, who runs the expenses of new furniture…

Being able to change the furniture of a rented dwelling is not one of the questions that you should ask your landlord.

Does the house have insurance?

It is important to know if you have home insurance, if you cover any shortcomings that may be derived from your stay and, of course, which cases are covered by the policy. If you are not insured, you can ask if there is a possibility that you can take insurance on your own or if you can reach a tenant and landlord agreement.

What are the main characteristics?

Is there noise? Is it bright? Are there damp walls? It is important to ask for sincerity in this aspect because for many people are totally decisive points and not knowing the truth can make you have to move again, wasting a lot of time and money.

What do you think of these tips on what to ask before renting a home? Would you add more questions to the list?

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